Photo 2

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This is an "Easter Egger", notice the
(Muffs and Beard) also has a tail. "Arius" ( her name )is half Americana and Production Red. She lays a pinkish-brown large egg.
  The Standard Araucana Rooster in the background has Ear Tufts and is Rumpless at 18 months old. He would be show worthy.
The Cock in the foreground is Clean Headed,Rumpless Araucana at 10 months of age. This bird has no tufts so it can't be show. He is an excellent Breeder for the Tufted hens though. He is a Keeper!!!
This is the above chicken (Arius) as a chick.   This a beautifl Tuft Rumpless Cock, just does not met the Standard Of Perfection Colors.
Spot is an Araucana "Tuft Rumplss" pullet which lays a blue egg but again, a non-showable bird due to coloration).   This Araucana Cock is non-show worthy but is a fine looking bird.
These are show type Araucanas. They are Tufted, Rumpless with a peacomb and the hens lay blue eggs. The color is good!   This is Erma.
A very nice Tuft Rumpless Araucana hen.One of my best ladies! Would be a bird to breed to a Clean Head Roo.
These are day old white Araucana chicks. Showing eggs of the parents. Nice pretty blue. Chicks usually hatch out yellow or white.   Black Araucana chicks. They usually have yellow on them till they start to mature.