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Welcome to my site:

I raise White and Black ( Modern ) Standard Araucana Chickens as pictured on left!


 (APA) Standard Araucanas are know for being Tuft/Rumpless with peacombs, laying blue to greenish eggs.

These are called :  MODERN ARAUCANAS.

Most offspring are born with (no tufts) this is refered to as clean heads. Only a small percentage is born out of each hatch with the trait of tufts. All of my (White) chicks are tailess also called rumpless. 

None of my birds have Muffs or Beards! 

I Ship Express Mail ONLY

I accept PayPal and Money Orders!

(If not) paying with PayPal then shipping is C.O.D.

I live in (South East Texas.) Please contact me by email at



I will peroidically update the pictures and welcome all shared information regarding the Breed of (Araucana's).

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